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The morning after a full moon always looks pretty, especially at 7 am when your dog wakes you up on a weekend because they’re “hungry” and “have needs”.

E3 2014 Schedule


   It’s that time of year again where everyone (well almost everyone) gets together to show what they have in store for this year and the ones that follow. It’s a time where your jaw will hit the floor out of pure shock or disgust, whichever comes first. Or you can remain motionless, unsure how to react to what you just saw or heard (hopefully they fixed that little audio problem form last year).

  Anyway let me not waste your time anymore reading what I am typing, unless you’re not reading this and just skipped this part to see the schedule, which in that case I guess I’m not really wasting your time now am I? Alright I’m done goofing off, work is making me go crazy and I want to get back to sleep (coughinfinitecrisiscough)  so here you go.


E3 Schedule 2014

June 9 Monday:

:bulletgreen: Microsoft Conference - 9:30AM PDT / 12:30PM EDT / 11:30AM CDT / 10:30AM MDT

:bulletyellow: EA Conference - 12:00PM PDT / 3:00PM EDT / 2:00PM CDT / 1:00PM MDT

:bulletpurple: Ubisoft Conference - 3:00PM PDT / 6:00PM EDT / 5:00PM CDT / 4:00PM MDT

:bulletblue: Sony Conference - 6:00PM PDT / 9:00PM EDT / 8:00PM CDT / 7:00PM MDT


June 10 Tuesday:

:bulletred: Nintendo Conference (Nintendo Direct*) - 9:00AM PDT / 12:00AM EDT / 11:00AM CDT / 7:00AM MDT

*Once again Nintendo will be having a digital event which will be streaming on many sites (twitch being one of them).


Here are some sites you can check out to watch each event.


Twitch:  Info:…



The following sites will only focus on their conferences:







Spike TV will be airing Microsoft and EA conferences live as they do every year and be sure to check out YouTube to see if there will be any conferences streaming live(I’m pretty sure there will).


Well there you have it, everything you need to know about E3 2014 now go out there and make your prediction or whatever you were planning on doing before reading this.  


Before I forget, here are two links to a time zone map of the US and a converter in case you do not know your time zone or do not live in the US.



Time converter:


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